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This is so sad but it shows that a good dog is a friend until the very end. From Gawker: Officials with the Department of Animal Care and Control for Los Angeles County responded to reports Wednesday morning of two dogs, one motionless, spotted in the middle of Hacienda Boulevard in the 1200 block north […]

This video of a dog named Denver acting incredibly guilty when his owner finds out that one of the 2 dogs in the household has eaten kitty treats is exactly what Joey does when he knows he’s done something wrong! The squinting, the looking away…man, maybe this is just something Labs do? [via] UPDATE: See? […]

Dogs 101: Labrador from Jordy on Vimeo. Here’s a segment from Animal Planet about Labrador Retrievers. Watching this video makes me never want to have any other breed of dog except Labradors and I’m glad Joey is a Labrador. Thanks for the video, Simon!