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Have you all seen what the crazy kooks at LaCie put out yesterday? This is the LaCie Sphere, a spherical chrome desktop harddrive that costs $490 for only 1TB of storage space. For the delusional designer in your life (maybe it’s you!).

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LaCie just released images of this brand new 4TB harddrive called Blade Runner. Like all of LaCie’s other great looking drives, this one is designed by Philippe Starck. It is USB 3 compatible and will cost roughly $300.

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This is the first time I’m seeing this but I’m going to pick up one of these LaCie MosKeyto 4 GB USB Flash Drives later. I’ve never seen a USB flash drive so small before. This would be perfect for my keys. They come in 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB flavors.


Man, this hard drive is beautiful. $100 for 500GB of portable storage is a bit steep though. But man, this hard drive is beautiful.

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I actually think this is pretty neat. LaCie just announced the Rugged Safe external hard drive that incorporates a fingerprint scanner (similar to those seen on some laptops) for added security. The Rugged Safe hard drives come in 500GB and 1TB versions for $189 and $299 respectively. I use a Rugged drive daily and this […]