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Man, Rob Dyrdek is a sissy. Thankfully, BMX Pro Kelly Bolton stepped up and did it great!

To all my friends who are so focused right now on climbing the corporate ladder and missing out on life. Be careful what you wish for.

A couple in New Mexico helped 3 bear cubs stuck in a dumpster get free by throwing a ladder in there and allowing them to climb out on their own.

I missed the Crest Hardware Art Show in Brooklyn this year because of my move, but here’s a video from a previous year’s show about a washed up ladder finding its home inside the Crest Hardware store. Since the video is 2010, you’ll get a glimpse of McCarren Park before the pool was begun and […]


Have you ever tried to prop a chair up against a door to hold the door shut? It doesn’t work. The chair just ends up falling down on its 4 legs allowing it to slide away as the person you’re trying to hide from comes in and invades your space. Doesn’t sound fun, right? David […]