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This sucks that I’m just hearing about this project now, but The House Lamp is definitely something I would have loved to back on Kickstarter. It’s an architecture lover’s dream lamp that comes in 3 different laser-cut designs. The houses were made to be the lights themselves, but if you just want them to be […]

LED oil lamp

This oil lamp actually runs on LEDs! Just $38 and great for camping!


This is really interesting. A new concept lamp called Lumio is currently on Kickstarter. The Lumio lamp is a foldable and expandable lamp that uses Rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries. The lamp looks like a book and can be carried and used just about anywhere. It seems to have a lot of support and fans.


designboom has posted some images of the Rima lamp by Dreipuls. The lamp makes use of a series of rings around a tubular structure which controls what portion of the lamp is activated and turned on. Think of it like a shower curtain for your desk lamp. Looks gorgeous! Check out the video of it […]