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Remember that timelapse of the manila folder airplane I posted earlier? Well, here’s the landing gear test. ALSO MADE FROM MANILA FOLDERS.

Jalopnik posted this really cool video of a Harrier pilot with a front landing gear malfunction landing his jet on a “stool” made just for these emergencies. Precision!


This is incredible. Over 11 years after the horrific events of 9/11, landing gear from one of the planes that hit the Twin Towers was just found wedged between two buildings behind 51 Park Place.

After flying too close to each other, one plane’s landing gear got stuck for a few seconds on the plane of the other. Scary! [via] Here’s the view from the other plane.

TDW posted this video of a Polish LOT 767 airplane landing successfully on the tarmac with zero wheels. The landing gear was apparently stuck. Amazingly, no passengers were injured!

Heads down! Stay down! This past Saturday, a Delta airliner made an emergency landing at JFK Airport after its landing gear malfunctioned. The plane ended up skidding across the runway with sparks flying out from under the cabin and the wing while a relatively calm flight attendant reassured passengers as to what they should be […]