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Here’s a video portrait of Alan Pape, a cultural landscape oil painter who loves painting and being around log cabins.


This is pretty funny actually. There’s a Flickr group that’s currently filled with landscape scenes from the game GTA V. A true tribute to the beauty of the world created for this game.

Pause #14 from PAUSE on Vimeo.

Not sure what this is for, but every scene in this is beautiful.


In that TIME Magazine time-lapse article, there was a fantastic slideshow of images from the USGS/NASA that showed different parts of the earth in insanely bright colors. It was beautiful and weird. I posted some of those images here, but you should really go to the TIME Magazine site and check out all 20 images […]


I’m not exactly sure how to categorize these. Maybe they don’t really need a category. They’re great as they are — mysterious, haunting, and fractal paintings of alien landscapes. Check out Adam Friedman’s work at his website.