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Yikes! This video posted at Jalopnik┬ámade me cringe. It’s a truck’s dashcam video of a car on the same road carelessly merging into an exit lane before the driver even knows the exit lane is clear. The result is a horrific crash that sandwiched the car between two trucks and split it into many pieces. […]


Somehow I missed the news of LA installing a buffered bike lane through the 2nd Street tunnel in DTLA. This is a godsend for anybody who knows what it was like to bike through this tunnel before the bike lane installation. It was a risk beyond risk and all you wanted to do was bolt […]


In the same style as the classic broken-sunglasses-on-the-crosswalk scam, some idiot crook on a bike is riding through the city and bumping into people and then trying to con them out of some cash to repair his now “broken bike”. Beware, if anybody ever tries to get you to give money to them on the […]

Curious City: The Kennedy Expressway’s reversible lanes from WBEZ on Vimeo. Chicago’s more sophisticated version of the simple “green arrow, red X” lane indicators. Neat!

I remember telling Joyce about this machine and she didn’t believe me until I insisted it was real. Well, here it is on video doing its thing — moving a line of snake boulders from one lane to the next.


Photo: Michael Blamey Man I miss walking down here in Melbourne.