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Lithuanian mayor Arturas Zoukas, who you may remember as the mayor who demonstratively rolled over an illegally parked car with a tank, is in town to talk about bike lanes and he’s going around putting stickers on cars that are found parking in bike lanes.

Streetfilms took their cameras to Minneapolis, Minnesota to film parts of the Midtown Greenway in order to show the rest of us what a properly laid out bike greenway can do to an entire city — regardless of whether or not you bike or drive or walk.

Wonderful wonderful! Arturas Zoukas, the mayor of Vilnius, Lithuania was so fed up with illegally parked cars in bike lanes that he got into a tank and ran a car over with it! It wasn’t an actual person’s car but instead a demonstration of what could happen if you do the same with your car. […]

I love the enthusiasm Gabri Christa has for the Hudson River Park bike lane along the West Side Highway. I totally agree with her!

I’m not in this area a lot so I’m not sure how long it’s been open for, but it’s good to know that a dedicated and protected bike lane is now open in the Queens Plaza area in Long Island City.

Casey Neistat shows just how dangerous it is to bike in the bike lane in NYC. Don’t do it, it will kill you!