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That’s 26.5 miles in 24 minutes. Insane. And very dangerous, so don’t try this yourself.

Riccardo Russo was leading the pack for the win when he crossed the starting line and began celebrating. The only thing is, he was celebrating nothing because he had miscalculated the laps and actually had one more to go. Nearly everybody who was behind him ended up passing him while he stood up on his […]


This blog is brilliant! It’s called Awesome People Hanging Out Together and it’s basically just photos of famous folks having a good time with each other. Famous people…they’re just like us! And yes, that’s Nancy Reagan sitting on Mr. T’s lap.

Discovery Channel’s Time Warp has already showed us how a dog drinks water and now WIRED SCIENCE is doing a similar slow-motion video but this time showing how felines do it! It turns out that instead of scooping water into their mouth like dogs do, cats only use the very tips of their tongue to […]