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Lots of laptop bag innovations in this new Commuter 2.1. The magnetic latches in place of the usual velcro is a nice touch. If you like staying organized and fashionable, this bag is for you!


TwelveSouth just released this “invisible” laptop stand called the GhostStand for $34.95. It’s made out of a clear acrylic and inspired greatly by¬†Philippe Stark’s Ghost Chair. The GhostStand elevates your laptop to a better viewing height while also allowing for better airflow underneath (you know how hot those MacBook Pros can get!). Me? I’m partial […]


Lifehacker just posted some tips/instructions on how to save your neck when using a laptop on an airplane. The seats on an airplane [in coach] aren’t known to be the most spacious, so to make sure you aren’t straining your neck while working on that important document (or watching movies, probably, right?), you should angle […]