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Gadget Lab: Google Chromebook Pixel

WIRED’s Gadget Lab gets a quick hands-on preview of the Google Chromebook Pixel and comes off saying it’s a beautiful piece of hardware that’s super expensive. But it’s built exceptionally well. Knowing Google, this is their first public prototype which will no doubt get cheaper and add functionality as the years go on. Pretty excited […]


Google announced today the new Chrombook Pixel, a high-resolution (Retina-display) laptop with a touchscreen built right in. Like the Chromebook that came before it, this laptop runs Google’s own Chrome OS, an OS built entirely to run on the internet. The laptop is exquisitely designed and sells for a premium of $1299. Not for everyone, […]


Totally loving this hand-carved wooden laptop stand called Vool. It uses a hollow design to stash your keyboard and mouse when not in use and is ergonomically designed to support the best viewing experience between you and your laptop. How much? About $400 USD unfortunately. At that price, maybe you should just buy a monitor.

Matthias Wandel, better known for his wooden gears and other moving contraptions made of wood, goes back to the basics here and builds his mother a nice laptop stand. Really nice DIY job.