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When I was in photo school my favorite camera was the 4×5. It’s not often people’s favorite shooting camera because of its size, weight, and relative slow picture-making speed. But for me, it was amazing. To be able to shoot on film that was the size of my palm and see the rich colors come […]

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This has always been one of my favorite photos. There’s something about looking through a 4×5 camera that makes everything look so much more interesting. When I get some money saved, I’ll buy one and hopefully shoot with it some more. UPDATE: Oh, it looks like I’ve already posted this photo before. This is what […]


I’m in a bit of a buying mood right now — especially for a 4×5 field camera. This boxed and near-mint condition Wista with gold chrome accents and wooden body is magnificent. It’s expensive, sure, but it’s totally worth it. If you beat me to it, you can get a similar Wista 4×5 camera without […]

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Photo by Thomas Birke HOLY COW. This is currently my favorite set of photos, all taken by photographer Thomas Birke using large format equipment. As you can imagine, the level of detail is absolutely wonderful! Crisp images, great lighting, and a wonderful city subject make for awesome imagery. Have a peek at his entire collection […]