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I love these Mazama mugs made exclusively for Tanner Goods. They hold 12 oz. of any beverage of your choice and are entirely made in the USA of a clay body called Naranja. You can get one for $38.

I can’t tell if this man is extremely wealthy or incredibly insane. Maybe a bit of both? Look at this monster of a truck!

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Just discovered this site called HUGEpic that sort of combines the zoomability of Google Maps (or any mapping program for that matter) with giant images to give you an experience similar to that of the Gigapixl project. Here’s a really weird example.

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I hiked Runyon Canyon yesterday and at the very top it looks like the park had removed the giant and beloved bench overlooking LA (as well as the normal sized one adjacent to it). Why? I don’t know if this is true, but the story goes that recently a woman hopped off the big bench […]