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Remember Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde’s layouts of the apartment in the TV show Friends? Well, she’s gone ahead and done a whole bunch of other apartment blueprints and layouts and is now selling them on Etsy as prints. Above is the layout of Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment. After the jump are [in order] The Simpsons’ house and Carrie Bradshaw’s […]

Office of Development and Design rearranges the layout of NYC

The Executive Creative Director at the Office of Development and Design (ODD), Gary Breslin, uploaded this short video about how he envisions NYC to be based on his most visited locations and neighborhoods he likes the most. It’s kind of neat to see in the video how NYC still remains very New York even when it […]


This is actually pretty smart and funny. This font allows you to place text without actually showing any letters but still allowing your layout to make sense to non-Latin readers. Get it here for free.


Wow, Iñaki Aliste Lizarralde has painted and sketched out the exact layout of the apartments of Chandler-Joey and Monica-Rachel from Friends!

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I’m only seeing this when I visit YouTube on Safari, but here’s a look at what I believe will be the new YouTube homepage layout. Much cleaner and better in my opinion. Can’t wait until I start seeing this in Chrome.