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A man-made material that absorbs CO2 and pushes out oxygen, just like real plants.


NYC’s Taxi and Limousine Commission has unveiled and released 6 zero-emissions taxi cabs onto city streets as a test pilot program to bring NYC pollution down. The cars are Nissan Leafs, which means they are a huge eyesore. I never really quite understand why electric cars have to look bad. It certainly isn’t a selling […]

This is my least favorite kind of insect. The ones that look like non-insect-objects. Nasty.

Ken Davis – It’s Alive from Taylor Morgan on Vimeo. Good work. You gotta watch this. [via]

Virgin Galactic has gone over another hurdle in their quest to conquer consumer space travel with the test of the world’s first feathered flight. Feathered flight is essentially a way for an aircraft to regain entry into the Earth’s atmosphere by letting the aerodynamic forces of the fall bend the aircraft like a feather or […]