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Given the track record lately, how can anybody deny the authenticity of this video? I mean, the leaks are consistently coming out of Asia (where these products are assembled), and moreĀ and more often there are relatively complete builds of products the week or two before Apple has plans to announce them. With the next scheduled […]


Pretty awesome scoop from PetaPixel this afternoon as they unveiled — unofficially — the GoPro Hero4 black and silver edition. The new cameras improve on what is already a great action-sports camera with the Black Edition allowing for 4K filming at 30fps (up from 15fps on the last version). The Silver Edition includes a touchscreen […]

This is incredible and sort of a bummer in terms of having the iPhone 6 be a bit of a surprise. This video here shows a somewhat working iPhone 6 device, put together from all of the many, many, many leaked hardware parts of late. Pretty nuts that they were able to do this.

The news report above says up to 50,000 gallons were spilled, but NBC Los Angeles is only reporting 10,000 gallons spilled. Not that that 2nd number is any less significant, but that seems to be a big range. But damn, slick neighborhood for sure.


Whoa, where have I been? Relient K’s new album Collapsible Lung isn’t slated for release until July 2nd but apparently it leaked almost a month early. Weird that I didn’t hear about this until now.