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Ever since reading about the Steelcase Leap chair on Wirecutter last year, it’s been at the top of my coveted office items list. It’s a highly rated, uber-comfortable chair at a price that is just under what most of its competitors are charging for something of equal ergonomic tech. My job requires me to sit […]

Leap Motion + Clear for Mac – Preview

WHAT! This is so cool! Now that the Leap is available for consumers, apps are starting to make use of it. Here’s how the to-do list app Clear will work with the Leap controller.

The future isn’t in touchscreens. The future is in gensture-based control in mid-air. That’s what Leap is and amazingly this small device is only $69.99.


LIFE has a crazy set of photos from a bullfight gone awry in northern Spain on August 18, 2010. The bull, apparently angry because it was being abused for fun, jumped straight into the stands and started charging at spectators. Here’s video:

LULZ, this is one of the better cat videos I’ve seen lately. [via]