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Do Koreans really pronounce “Coke” like “cock”? Koreans, please chime in and help understand this better.

Kio Stark is enlisting the help of the internet to help her fund a book she’s researching and writing called “Don’t Go Back To School: A Handbook For Learning Anything”. It talks mainly about how people can learn independently either just as good or better than if they went back to an educational institution for […]

Kairos and smog.tv created this all-inclusive brand concept animation for a company named Bounce that teaches you how to speak English. The animation is superb with a solid color scheme that really matches Bounce’s website. I really love work like this.

What We Learned from LEGWORK on Vimeo. To sum of the experiences of this past year, Legwork Studio created this awesome looking short video to pass on their knowledge to help out the rest of us. Great work guys!

CrunchGear posted a video of a robot learning to use a bow and arrow. Not very good, but imagine the precision in a few years.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m teaching myself to edit video and I’ve learned a lot in the past few weeks. It’s incredible what the internet can do to substitute an education that requires tuition. I feel like I’m able to learn at my own pace (usually faster than in a classroom setting) and be able […]