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I posted a couple of videos from the Leatherman factory before, but here’s another from Core77 showing how they make their amazing products. Their New Wave Multitool is only $50, down from about $90 retail.


I just learned that the Leatherman PS multi-tool is the only Leatherman product approved for on-board carrying by the TSA. The tool does not feature a blade, however, it does have a pair of small foldable scissors which can be taken away according to the TSA’s discretion at security check. But for $15, I guess […]

Call me stupid, but I finally figured out what that stupid hole at the bottom of Leatherman holsters is used for! At the 13 minute mark in the video here, you’ll see the reviewer keep his Leatherman open with the pliers pointed into the hole for quick access. Life-changer.

MONSTROUS. The Surge is only $70 on Amazon right now, down from the usual $110 price.