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You kind of end of feeling bad for this guy because of what the feds did to him despite him legally following all the rules of growing medical marijuana.


So this just happened! Equality for all!! New York State has just become the 6th State in the nation to legalize gay marriage in a 33-to-29 vote! Funny that a Republican NY Senate was able to pass this bill when a majority Democrat Senate couldn’t 2 years ago. Check this out: But Mark Grisanti, a […]


Coudal pointed to this very interesting article over at The MoMA about the history of the paper bag. While the paper bag has become ubiquitous in delis, homes, and school lunches, the history and its creation are a bit less well-known and it’s incredible that such a simple design was once so overtaken by various […]


Photo: Tina Fineberg for The New York Times According to the New York Times, the United States Labor Department has begun cracking down on for-profit businesses that hire interns to replace paid workers in order to shave off operating costs. Ms. Leppink said many employers failed to pay even though their internships did not comply […]


Click the image above to see full-size This is gold right here. BB has obtained a scan of an April 2009 notice to all NYPD officers reminding them that taking photos and videos in and around New York City is not illegal. Additionally, the notice reminds officers that they cannot demand to see your pictures […]