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I like watching these videos because they always look so weird at such an early stage in development. Full description inside.

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This amuses me to no end. It turns out that those beach legs selfies you shoot sometimes look like hot dogs if you don’t include your toes in the shot.


This looks neat! The Sexy Hotness Sleeping Bag from Alite Designs is rated for 20-degree weather and has pockets and a zippered center so you can walk around in it if you need. I can’t tell if I want this or the Poler Napsack more! They’re both about the same price.


Wow, such a moving story of a guy named Darius Glover who lost the use of his legs after an accident at 15. But despite not having the use of legs, Darius ended up getting back on his bike again and became one of the fastest dirt bike riders in the world. Here’s his story.

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I have a rolling desk chair so I can’t really make use of this, but I really love the idea behind the CatCrib which uses the 4 legs of a chair to serve as a hammock for your feline friend. I’m sure small rat dogs can use this too.