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What would famous people look like if they were “corgified”? What’s that? Well, if their legs were shrunk down to a relatively corgi-like scale. They’d look weird and hilarious.

Black Train Films produced this short video about a group of cyclists known as The Pirates who are all either missing an arm, a leg, or both! Their story, while short on video, is very inspiring. Watch the video to see how these folks ride! You’ve got no excuse not to get on a bike […]

Peter Jackson’s Weta Workshop volunteered to make an actual working mermaid tail prosthetic for a woman who lost both her legs below the knee at a young age. The tail really allows her to swim and you get to see it in action towards the end of the news report above.


This Arden fan is beautiful. You can buy one for $300 if you really want (free shipping too!). [via]