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100 from Jones+Tino on Vimeo.

A recreation of some very iconic photographs, on video, in a tribute to photography (and Leica).


I’ve posted about this camera briefly earlier today and while I’ll never own one of these due to their price and availability (only 600 of these made), I can appreciate the design of this camera to minimize the digital portion of it for the sake of photography. You see, the Leica M Series 60 (celebrating […]

This is so beautiful. I wish all cameras came in packaging like this. What’s unique about this digital camera from Leica however is the fact that there is no preview LCD. It’s completely digital, but you won’t see your photos until you connect it to a computer. You can see some better images of this […]

The old grandma taking a selfie in front of Spider-Man! That was great!

leica t aluminum build-02

Somehow I missed this announcement entirely. It turns out that Leica has released a mirrorless camera called the Leica T which sports an aluminum unibody construction with a 16MP APS-C sensor. It’s the most beautiful compact digital camera I have ever laid my eyes upon. The Verge has a bunch of images of it and […]