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You all can stop trying. This here is the best letterhead ever made. It belonged to Chung Ling Soo, a magician who died in 1918 after failing to catch a bullet in a “bullet catch” trick. True story, apparently.


Imagine getting a letter with a lion head in the back of all of the text! Cool! [via]


Click to enlarge Just found out some Calvin & Hobbes trivia thanks to Letterheady. Apparently concerned that readers might not believe that Bill Watterson was pulling the comic-section favorite Calvin & Hobbes from newspapers, some editors ended up publishing the actual letter sent from Bill Watterson alongside Watterson’s last comic strip.


While employed at Facebook, designer Ben Barry designed this gorgeous personal stationery for Mark Zuckerberg. The set comes with a hand-embossed seal (official Mark Zuckerberg stamp), grey mailing envelope, and paper that incorporates a beautiful and subtle clear foil stamp on the back. Magnificent work!


How fitting that musical genius Ray Charles would have letters showing musical staffs in place of blank white space. I like!