Tag: letterpress

Travel-inspired with all of the major things to see in California. This made for a good card. The print/poster version is $30.


This letterpress print is beautiful. I’m not quite sure what it means, but it looks very nice. You can buy it.


Another fantastic letterpress piece of work by Joey Roth. This one gives visual representation to the Grind vs the Dream. Grind: Disciplined, incremental movement through reality towards a goal. Dream: A good idea that loses potency as it encounters reality. Printed by Aardvark Letterpress in LA. You can buy one for $35.


Here’s a good way to present a gift to an Arrested Development lover. $10 letterpress cards that say “For British Eyes Only“.


For just $300, The Distillery in Australia printed 500 of these lovely discs to promote their venue and the live shows that were coming up. It’s hard to gauge how big or small these are, but I bet these would be lovely coasters.