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I’ve posted a good number of sign painting videos here on Doobybrain and now this new one from Faythe Levine and Sam Macon looks to be the first full-length documentary to feature the incredibly talented artists behind the signs. Working in both large and small formats, these sign painters have seen people move towards crappy […]

Blackletter Capitals by Seb Lester

Today I learned the proper name for those Gothic letters and typefaces I love so much. It’s called Blackletter and Seb Lester here is making an entire series of them by hand. Watch!


This is the most comprehensive look at the entire USPS mail process that I’ve ever seen. It’s made by the Smithsonian for their National Postal Museum. The particular exhibit entitled Systems At Work is filled with amazing photos, facts, and videos about the USPS mail system. I never really think of the United States Postal […]