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Levar Burton teaching kids how to read Twitter. Thankfully, not a new segment on the new version of Reading Rainbow.

This makes me so so happy! One of the most important shows in my childhood, Reading Rainbow, is back thanks to a round of early funding by fans and reading advocates via Kickstarter. In fact, as it now stands, the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter project is now the most-funded project in all of Kickstarter history, currently […]

This is so exciting to see unfold. Some of the smartest kids in the nation showing off their extraordinary research and work in all areas of science and technology. So glad that The White House is highlighting their work with this video.

I am convinced that this is one of the best children’s shows ever created. I miss it.

I’m sad to report that today marked the last day that PBS would air episodes of Reading Rainbow, a television program for children that I watched fondly as a kid. For those who have never seen it, Reading Rainbow was a wonderful show that helped foster an interest in reading with young people. The show […]