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For those who don’t know, the A button controls Mario’s jumps. This guy beats the entire level without forcing Mario to jump.


This interactive map from The New York Times shows how some cities would literally drown in water if sea levels rose. The silver lining here however (for now, at least) is that it may take centuries for this kind of sea level rise. But that’s not to say that sea levels can’t rise to these […]


This July Banksy will be releasing a book called Banksy.: You Are an Acceptable Level of Threat that chronicles his road to fame.

I haven’t been on a cruise in forever, so I had no idea this sort of technology existed. Neatorama just posted this video of an auto-leveling pool table aboard the Radiance of the Seas cruise ship. Rough seas? No big deal.

Wow, this is 11 whole minutes of a custom Super Mario level that’s entirely automatic from beginning to end and set to the tune of some crazy dance song. The custom level strategically places objects from the Mario world in an order so that Mario is carried through the entire level based solely on the […]