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The creators of the NoPhoto project claim this is 100% legal and a sure-fire way to get out of speeding and traffic light tickets. The NoPhoto license plate frame jams traffic cameras by emitting its own xenon flash on both sides of the license plate essentially rendering any image of your license plate over-exposed to […]

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This girl is too much. Is it really that hard to just hire a driver of some sort? I mean, you were a moderately famous actress. You must still have funds for that sort of thing, no? Anyway, Amanda Bynes was pulled over while driving with a suspended license on Sunday.

Ok, on top of all the things I said about the California State Driver License, here’s one more: There’s a hidden California Republic Bear on the right side of the license. It’s made with nano-sized perforations and can be seen if held up to a bright light (see above). Otherwise, it’s invisible to the naked eye. […]

A couple of things about this: I didn’t know the chicken scratch that I did when I paid for the license was going to be used as my official signature. Look at that thing. Just look at it. W. T. H.?! My birth date and signature are embossed. Quite different than NYS’s all-smooth design. No […]

You know how some modern homes have glass shower doors that can go opaque with the flick of a switch? Well, this individual here is showing off a slightly smaller-scale version of that same glass technology with the purpose of hiding your license plate from police and cameras — you know, just in case. Definitely […]