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A new company called Viora┬áhas introduced the Viora Coffee Lid, a new redesign of the classic coffee to-go cup lid with a few enhancements. It still prevents your coffee from spilling all over yourself and doesn’t come in wild colors to scream to others HEY THIS IS A NEW COFFEE LID, but beside all that, […]

The Pour Mason is a specially designed lid attachment for any mason jar that turns the glass into a quick pour over coffee maker! For $32, you can have your own!


I’ve seen heavy-duty versions of this before but never knew they made one for regular consumer use for just $15. It even functions as a convenient pour spout too once you’ve finished mixing. Nice! Get one here. [via]

This cat closes the lid a gazillion times. And then in the end, he opens it back up again! WHAT IS HIS PROBLEM?!


Roofers are a neat little cup lid designed by Shota Aoyagi to help produce a clean stream of liquid from any regular old cup. No drips!