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Using an app he created called Multivid that allows you to have multi-screen synchronization on an iPhone/iPod touch, magician Marco Tempest (who I have not seen in quite some time) tells a story about deceptions and lies through the use of 3 iOS devices. Magic!

This lioness named Shanta loves to lie on top of her handler Steve Klein. I want!

I don’t know what is going on here exactly but I need to try this on my cats right now. Who knew that a simple binder clip could be so useful. I’ll post my own video if this works on my cats. [via]

Wow, at about 4:00, Robert Feldman talks briefly about individuals who are socially skilled and who end up telling lies because they know what the other party wants to hear. I find myself doing this sometimes not because I have nothing else to say but because I want to make the person I’m talking with […]