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What is this trickery?! Autoblog posted this video of a company called Darkside Scientific that has found a way to paint a car with paint that can glow with an electric current. The technology is called LumiLor and it looks amazing.

sunset skateboards-01

I recently discovered this skateboard company called Sunset Skateboard Co. They seem to make Penny-like skateboards made of polycarbonate with the added bonus of LED light-up wheels. They are moderately priced at $99 for a full board or you can simply buy the LED skateboard wheels separately. I haven’t personally ridden one of these, but […]

This is so cool. Jeremy Williams takes old pinball machine playfields and figured out a cheap way to light them up without them having to be connected to the pinball machine itself. His creation is called Airfield and it’s based on an Arduino board with telephone cables and LED lights. If you don’t have a pinball […]