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This is nice. To keep things organized and less clutters, StarTech.com is selling this 1-foot long coiled Lightning cable for iPhone and iPad. Just $18.99.


I just got sent one of these Candywirez Lightning to USB charging and data cables for the latest generation of iOS devices. For what it’s worth, there’s not much to report on — it’s exactly what you would expect from a Lightning cable — but there are a few good things I really like about […]


Hey! This is pretty nice! Amazon sells a 4-inch Lightning cable for $12.99. Easy to store, easy to take with you!

I’ve always wondered this! But does this mean that a pool is actually an ok place to be during a storm? No. The pool is still a terrible place to be.


I desperately need to get myself one of these Kii dongles from Bluelounge. Available in both 30-pin and Lightning editions, the Kii is a keychain the size of a thumb drive that makes sure you are never without a charging cable for your iPhone. It’s slim and with you wherever you take your keys (for […]

Here’s to hoping for cheaper Lightning cables from third-parties. A Chinese firm has confirmed that they have cracked the chip that Apple uses to authenticate all Lightning cables up until now. UPDATE: Here they are. Lightning cables that work with the iPhone for just $7¬†(+ approximately $6 for shipping). Awesome deal if you’re in the […]