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The highway is part artwork and part utilitarian project. The lanes can glow in the dark for up to 8 hours and are charged by sunlight during the day. One more video after the jump.

I’ve been hearing that there are lines as long as an hour-long to get into Dunkin Donuts on the West Coast. WHAT?!

Swiss artist Felice Varini has painted curved strips onto buildings and streets in a Belgian city to create a picture of overlapping rings when viewed from one vantage point. This is a timelapse video of his project taking shape.

MIND OUT : PROJECT LONGARM from e on Vimeo. I don’t completely grasp the concept here, so I’ll quote it from the video description. I just know that whatever this robot drew is pretty awesome and that I’d love it as my wallpaper. Towards the end of 2012, as part of The Festival of the […]

A man from Australia does this so that we never ever have to. Some of them are from movies and TV.