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I get so excited about stuff like this. Check out this semi truck linking technology from Peloton that enables tractor trailers to drive in a long convoy as one unit (a lead truck controls almost everything).


Such a simple and effective website. Enter an animated GIF’s URL into MAX GIF and have it return a super-enlarged version back to you. I made this one.

How many different ways can you say “Well, excuse me, Princess!“? If you’re Link from The Legend of Zelda cartoons, the answer is a lot.

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If you’ve ever dreamed of playing the original Super Mario Bros. as Samus, Bill R. (Contra), Simon (Simon’s Quest?), Mega Man, or Link, then Exploding Rabbit has just made your dream come true with Super Mario Crossover. All of the alternate game characters retain their iconic moves and weapons in Mushroom Kingdom so there’s going […]


As far as I know, the web term for ” the fold” comes from the same term used in the newspaper printing industry where something would be considered under or after the fold if it didn’t appear on the front top portion of the page before the printing press folds the paper over. As you […]