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I remember taking a web class in college where the professor explained this and so many people just didn’t get it. I never understood why this was so hard to understand, but maybe I had a leg up then. Hopefully, more recent college grads understand how this works.


It’s time for me to declare tab bankruptcy again (I did one back in February). For those who don’t know, I took this idea from those who declare email bankruptcy in an effort to curb and clear their mind/schedules/inboxes/tabs from everything in order to start new. That’s me right now, and here we go! All […]


I use this amazing Chrome browser extension called OneTab that really makes loading and start-up time in Chrome a pleasant experience. The problem with this however is that when I fall behind on posting (as I tend to do on a regular basis), I simply hit the OneTab button and all of my currently opened […]

I wholeheartedly agree with Google here. I get a few emails every week asking me if somebody can guest blog for me about “any topic I want” and every time I read these emails red flags pop up in my head. I know these are linkbaits at their core and often times I ignore the […]


This is an interesting concept for the web. The Curator’s Code is a suggested system for linking information from one site to the next. It includes a symbol for “via” links and “hat tip” links and differentiates the two based on the type of content you are writing (and how it influenced you). If there […]


I logged into Google today and saw this beautiful and subtle change to the top of their quick-links bar. Nice