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Using a high-speed camera, Smarter Every Day filmed the liquid rope coil effect using honey and explains the natural phenomenon in scientific terms. The raw video below.


Tired of the old sand-filled hourglass sitting in your room? Maybe it’s time to upgrade to the Awaglass, a hand-blown liquid-filled timer that shoots bubbles upward to pass the time. It’s beautiful, and it’s only $66.


Philippe Aduatz’ Melting Chair. This would be terrible furniture to own in direct sunlight.

NPR produced this video about how the world’s population reached 7 billion in record time. They visualize the growth by using colorful liquid in dripping beakers. Not a bad representation…

Stone Island’s Hydrophobic treatment is just their fancy way of saying that they treat their clothes with water-repellant. Looks like it works just as well as any other.

Man, I remember when paper towel commercials always included a bit where they stuck an entire paper towel into a cup of liquid to prove that it was faster at absorbing spills.