I’ve always wanted to come here and last week I finally did. But then somebody called the cops on me and I had to get outta there real quick. Didn’t spend nearly enough time as I wanted to. Would love to go back. Such a peaceful place. To get there, take the L train to […]


Ok, so truth be told, this isn’t a photo of The High Line. It’s actually part of the LIRR track that bends through a part of Long Island City. It’s not the prettiest part of town (certainly not the busiest!) but here lies a part of NYC not yet gentrified, and this is where you […]


Funny thing about this place: I actually stumbled upon this back in 2008 or 2009 (I forget exactly) when I was walking around the industrial parts of Long Island City to finish up my senior thesis at Parsons. I didn’t know that these blue bogies were abandoned by the LIRR (or rather, just left unused). […]

This app should have been made 10 years ago. Seriously, what took them so long? Get it with the link below!


The MTA just posted some new photos of the East Side Access project underneath midtown Manhattan. So crazy. I’d love to go down here but I know they’ll never let me.