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OMG, this is the app I’ve been looking for! Thinglist, a great way for you to keep track of different things you want to do, see, hear, and revisit!


The Copenhagenize Index 2013 is now out! What is it? It’s a ranking of the top cities worldwide that make cycling a top priority in their infrastructure. Not a single US city is on the top 20 list. That’s very sad.


So…if you ever wished the web could offer you a to-do list with the Sophisticated Cat Meme as its basis,well then, here you go.


The Boston Globe has a constantly updated list of victims of Monday’s Boston Marathon bombs.

Stow: The Modern Packing List for iOS

Stow, a new $1.99 app on the App Store aims to be a complete solution to never forgetting anything on a travel trip, ever. The app breaks your packing down to checklists much like you would probably do on a piece of paper but reminds you of things you may have missed. Of course, this […]


Using my site44 Dropbox website, I put together a list of gifts I think would be a good option for any occasion — birthdays, graduations, celebrations, etc. Anything. They are gender-neutral and so long as you don’t hate life you’ll probably find something nice here for yourself or for the person who’s hard to shop […]