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Shortcuts never work out the way they should. I can’t imagine that “washable” cat litter would be better than actual cat litter.


Photos by Herman Yung Here are some photos I took yesterday. Check out the rest by clicking the small thumbnails below the bigger photos.

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Photo by John Keatley Photographer John Keatley had the opportunity to photograph Ben Huh recently. For those who don’t know, Ben Huh is the founder of a very large network of entertainment websites known collectively as the Cheezburger Network. He is a cat lover and also the genius mind behind icanhascheezburger, so naturally, it was […]


Want to watch a live feed of Shiba Inu puppies all day long? Then hit up this ustream camera feed (or see below). If I had a dual-monitor setup, I’d leave these puppies on one screen all day long. So adorable! Live video by Ustream