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I had no idea that lobsters could move so quickly in water. Man, something about lobsters creeps me out though. They remind me of roaches.

KILLING ME SOFTLY — A CANON 1DC SHORT FILM from Andrew Wonder on Vimeo. This film from Andrew Wonder totally makes me sad about eating lobsters. He filmed it with a Canon 1DC and amazingly it’s not color corrected. Viewer beware, this video gets sort of graphic. So don’t hit play if you don’t want […]

I LOVE LOBSTER BISQUE! I don’t really like lobsters all that much though. Is that weird?

The New York Times profiled how the devastated Red Hook Lobster Pound is back in business at the Brooklyn Flea despite having their actual location lost to Hurricane Sandy. If you’ve never had a lobster roll from this place, you should get out and try one. It’s phenomenal.