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Installed Google Now on your iPhone? Seeing significant battery drain? Well, what you need to do is turn off Location reporting in the app’s privacy settings. According to Google, this won’t affect the app’s ability to give you directions and traffic notifications since Google uses the lower-level  Wi-Fi and cell tower-based location reporting for that sort of […]


Exciting news for Chelsea residents as Bicycle Habitat just opened their doors to their brand new Chelsea location. The new store is at 228 7th Avenue (between 23rd and 24th streets), right around the corner from Whole Foods and Doughnut Plant!


Here’s an interesting (but oh so tiny!) map by Dorothy Gambrell that shows the most popular Craigslist Missed Connections ads based on location. Some of them are obvious like NYC’s Subway and Florida’s Walmart, while others are a bit puzzling yet believable, like California’s 24 Hour Fitness and Arizona’s LA Fitness. I just wish this […]


I love this post over at WIRED showing some images from Nate Larson and Marni Shindelman’s Twitter-related project called Geolocation. As implied by the name, the photographers take random tweets’ geolocations and travels to those locations to photograph the setting. If you thought tweets were boring, wait until you see where some of these tweets […]