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This is fun. Stephen Von Worley created this map that lets you enter your name to bring up all of the places named after you. Or, you know, the places that have the same name as you. Could be streets, monuments, etc. All of them pinpointed on a map for your perusal. Enjoy!

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When I moved to Los Angeles, one of the first things I became aware of was how vast the city really was. It was huge. Much bigger than anybody has ever really tried to tell me and certainly a huge difference from the rather small footprint of NYC. It was something I struggled with pretty […]


KCET has an interesting 2-part post about the original locations of LP record covers in Los Angeles. With LA being a hub for recording artists, it’s no surprise that so many covers were shot around town. Some still look the same as they did decades ago while others are either gone or have changed drastically […]


Out of context, Pauline Magnenat’s photos in her series entitled Missing are quite calm and beautiful. It’s only when you realize that these are photographs of places where people have gone missing do the photos begin to haunt your body and give you goosebumps. There’s something about these that are unnerving, and rightly so, because […]


Even if you aren’t necessarily looking to rent out a place on Airbnb, their new Neighborhoods section of their website is a good place to start exploring a part of a city if you don’t know anything about it. Check out their Neighborhood locations here. Introducing Airbnb Neighborhoods from Airbnb on Vimeo.