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I like this a lot. Maybe not so much the part of living next to your ex-wife, but even that has its benefits here as the shared custody between households means just walking over next door. There are 12 live/work townhomes in the Florence Lofts community in Sonoma County. Leopard bought the one next door […]

Drawers in drawers! Shelves stacked on shelves! Bed on shelves! Everything is hidden away! Look at this 269-square foot apartment in Barcelona that looks super-spacious!

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Wow, Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture really did a splendid job here of converting one of New York City’s infamous small apartments into a highly efficient and livable space. The 500 square feet apartment has a unique loft-bed that incorporates a storage system underneath the staircase and a full kitchen residing underneath the loft space. The […]


This Umbra loft magazine rack in black looks nice. I’d get it to store my miscellaneous magazine collection if only it weren’t a floor rack. I already have too much crap on my floor. I’m still looking for a nice magazine rack that goes on the wall. There are a lot out there, but none […]


Not everybody has a big house, so when Les ateliers L. McComber was asked to make a new room for a baby in a small apartment loft, they came up with a plan that put the parents literally above their baby. The 700 square foot space in Montreal, Canada was split vertically allowing the baby […]