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SOLE MOVEMENT has posted some photos from The Nike Logo Project which catalogs some of the various logos Nike has used for various sub-divisions of its brand in the last 30 years. [via]

Ids Nick Junior from BANDIDOGUAPO on Vimeo. Pretty and fun work by BANDIDOGUAPO.


This is an interesting startup project. It’s called City Maps and it’s basically a real-time updated map of major metropolitan cities with business logos in place of buildings. It’s a totally new way to browse an area and one click on any business name or logo brings up relevant and useful information. Test drive it […]


What would it be like if major companies adopted today’s branding trends to their logos? Hipster Branding imagines it.


I loved browsing through Christian Annyas’ online collection of chrome script lettering found on vintage Chevy vehicles (dating from 1956-1971). [via]