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For those who don’t know, Moomin is a popular Finnish cartoon character that has a huge fan-base in Japan (for reasons unknown — but probably because he’s cute looking). In Japan, the character is so popular that there’s a cafe called The Moomin House Cafe where you can go and eat and drink and be merry. […]


New Republic has a really interesting article about how loneliness kills. It isn’t just a hypothesis anymore, research suggests that people who perpetually feel lonely often live shorter lives and often become sick more frequently than those with social groups that can support them. Just as we once knew that infectious diseases killed, but didn’t know […]


I have no idea why, but this post speaks volumes to me. This man moved to LA solo 2 months ago and here is a photo of him celebrating his birthday with all his friends. I feel like this is very related to LA’s lack of convenient mass transit which in turn makes it incredibly hard to […]


People don’t ever tell you this, but there’s very little interaction with strangers on a day to day basis in LA. You hear about the great weather here and the crazy traffic, but nobody has ever told me that you’ll feel lonely in this giant city. If alone-time in NY meant getting a moment to […]

Kinda weird being the only person on the train. It wasn’t even that early — 6AM — but I guess Hong Kong doesn’t start up in that part of town that early.