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Firebox is selling this pack of 1-meter long spaghetti for $16. A premium price for sure, but priceless if you want to re-enact that classic scene from Lady and the Tramp. Wait, right?

Have exactly 27 minutes to spare? Well, lucky you! You get to watch this incredibly well-produced proposal video that basically takes you from cheesy music video to suspenseful movie thriller, to cheesy and tear-jerking ending. Yes, this is going to take 27 minutes of your day. Be prepared.


This is an angora rabbit. And yes, it has crazy hair. But not for nothing though! This rabbit’s hair is used as wool!


Isn’t this a beautiful poster from Walnut Studiolo? You can have this 18×24″ print for just $25. Curious as to what everything is? Check out this page for more info.