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Nobody seems to be talking about this except Public Ad Campaign, but here’s the cold hard truth: Outdoor advertising is getting longer, and it’s not making our cities look any better.


This is news to me, but Lifehacker just tipped me off to this much better way of securing and locking your iOS device. If you go to your Settings > General > Passcode Lock and turn OFF the Simple Passcode option, you will be offered the option to put in a standard keyboard password. If […]

The Ford Foundation has launched this video for their Time To Succeed Initiative that wants to make the school day longer to meet the demands of a more concentrated urban/city environment and to encourage extra-curricular activities during school time.

This is a 30-minute compilation of scenes from Children of Men where director Alfonso Cuarón shot continuous footage with no cuts that are 45 seconds or longer. These types of scenes aren’t shot a lot in modern films, so this is a good way to experience them back to back. You should see the film […]