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A group called Tri-State has put together maps of pedestrian fatalities in the New York City area from 2009-2011. Each borough has its own map: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and The Bronx. Yep, NYC is still a dangerous place if you don’t LOOK before you cross the street.


Yes, you most likely email a lot more than you send letters, but that’s no reason to dismiss the USPS altogether. Due to regulations set upon it by Congress, the USPS is losing millions of dollars PER DAY with the real fear of hitting its borrowing limit completely by October of this year (at that […]

The NYC DOT is launching this LOOK campaign to educate taxi riders and other vehicular occupants on the dangers of opening doors without looking. You could be taking out a cyclist! And remember, in NYC, if you do, it’s your fault! And you don’t want that hanging over your head right? Of course not, so […]


Photo: AP In a $1 million campaign for safer streets, NYC is stenciling the work “LOOK!” in giant eyeballed letters at 110 of the most dangerous intersections around the city in hopes that less people this coming year will be injured in careless accidents. Pretty sad that the city had to do this.

A rare look at the man behind electro-dance music artist Avicii.