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I’ve [thankfully] never been on a flight where I had to brace for impact and to be honest, I never could quite imagine what the atmosphere would be like if I had to. Well, now thanks to this video from inside a Boeing 767 LOT from New Jersey to Warsaw, I know that it’s quiet […]


The Art Production Fund has helped David Brooks erect this installation called “Desert Rooftops” at 46th Street and Eighth Avenue. The installation is worth noting not only for its unusual look but also for the fact that it’s built on top of the last empty lot in one of the densest neighborhoods in all of […]

TDW posted this video of a Polish LOT 767 airplane landing successfully on the tarmac with zero wheels. The landing gear was apparently stuck. Amazingly, no passengers were injured!


This Summer at Heathrow Airport in London, ULTra Transport unveiled a completely revolutionary personal transport system that uses computer-driven pods to bring people from their cars to the airport Terminal in about 5 minutes. Each pod sits 4 comfortably (with luggage) and reduces bus use from parking lot to terminal. It’s said that the use […]

Fog and Smog made this music video about fighting for space in a Whole Foods parking lot. You can download the MP3 for free here. Thanks Ruthie!